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Today as I was getting ready for work,  I got to watch a quick Periscope that @inkwellpress offered yesterday on the subject of balance, and I just loved several of the points she made.  Tonya Dalton at Inkwell Press is another beautiful and accomplished business/owner/maker that I just love to see succeed.  When I first discovered Periscope (Twitter’s live video broadcasting app) and it took contacts from my Twitter account, I realized that I didn’t want to watch every video that any old person threw up there at any old time, but I got really sucked into the trainings and teachings of a handful of people I follow, and Tonya is one of them. She is so kind as she informs, so generous with her organizational tips, and her products are GOR-geous.  You can watch the entirety of the Periscope episode I’m referring to here.

Anyway: Balance.

It’s not a shock to anyone that my life has been out of balance for months, and it shows.  We all know I’m worn to a raveling.  As I said to a friend whose birthday I utterly missed,  “I’ll be making apologies for thoughtlessness inflicted this year for many years to come.  2015 – I’m not a fan.”  But shifting sands beneath my feet have also been a precious gift.  I’m letting go of perfect in my quest for brave, and some days I even reach for good and brave.   When I use the word perfect, I don a higher pitched tone.

Perfection isn’t the goal; that would be crazy. – Kim Werker, Make it Mighty Ugly

I like what Tonya from Inkwell says about balance.  Life in balance makes us happier.  When we look at how much happier we are when we achieve the right balance, it breeds itself.  The balance and the happiness, both.  And it looks different for everyone.  You take what’s important to you and let it weigh more in your life.  Meanwhile you look at the things that make you crazy and of no earthly good, and you push them out, little by little, thus gaining the equilibrium that flowers into balance.  I like this.

Follow her on Instagram at @inkwellpress - Way to keep the first things first, Tonya!
Follow her on Instagram at @inkwellpress – Way to keep the first things first, Tonya!

This frees me to not be jealous of you and your balance because I know mine is going to have all the things I love and need in it – things specific to me and our life.  And that’s worth working out.

Yesterday I crammed a lot into the morning, but I loved that because I was able to feel good all day long that I didn’t let time wasters eat those hours.  But other mornings, the priority has to be rest.  And knowing how to tell the difference will take practice.  I’ll have to be patient with myself.

Time well spent is its own reward.


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