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#31daysoffrailty | BOOKS part 1

Thanks so much for checking out my blog today.  The idea that you are reading by choice along with me is kind of an introvert’s hallelujah.  What we read says a lot about us.  What I read can feel very personal sometimes, and other times it’s just a great a thrill to share a newly discovered or rediscovered nugget of solid gold.  I love to share the wealth!   Here on the blog, I have had fun bringing other voices I appreciate and blogs I read to you recently as a way of exposing my influences, which is a bit vulnerable for me.  But this is #31daysoffrailty and I would be remiss if I skipped over how reading feeds my life.

My pretties.
My pretties.

Disclaimer:  I don’t know how to write about reading.  It’s sacred ground. For frailty’s sake and for you, I’ll just have to write about it badly. Thanks for the grace you extend in bearing that burden.  It’ll be over quick!

Reading is an immensely important part of my day every day.  I read to know what I think, grow my perspective, to be lifted from ignorance, and to encounter God.  Oh, sure, I read for decadent entertainment, too!  But like most people I don’t have tons of time to myself so I choose what I’m reading usually from a compelling need the read will feed.

Here are some of my special book friends and why I adore them embarrassingly much.  I’ll take several days to give these little book bites, just to prolong the fun, but the ones in this picture are some true treasures.  It would be such a rush if you would name at least one of your own book crushes in the comments below.  Go ahead, be frail.

Desiring God by John Piper.  If you read back a bit to the summer, you will know that Piper is a theologian I highly esteem.  What I need when I crawl into these pages is the certainty of faith, high intellect, and an experience of the life of Jesus painted in long brush strokes.  And no one (human) does it better. That said, I am still wading through this book, sampling it in morsels because I want it never to be over. Even when I am not reading it, it’s near.

The Hunger Games, by  Suzanne Collins.  How’s that for a contrast in literary tastes?  I was flabbergasted, too,  with how much I loved this series. Good and evil and every twisted incarnation of both, thrown together with a love triangle.  I just can’t even.  I’ve read the last book in the series twice and I expect I will go back to it again before the final installment comes to theaters this year. I think I love this story because triumph and failure do feel bloody and passionate in real life too, so it’s satisfying to experience them that way in print.

And just one more for now:

Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg.  Although I always loved to read, it wasn’t until grief confounded me (my mother’s death) that I started looking to books for things I couldn’t get from people. Like a chain smoker, I went book to book to book and this was one of the stories that held my heart when people couldn’t.  I’ll ever be grateful for this bit of tangible grace and pray I never have to live it.

This is my favorite.
This is my favorite.

And on that cheery note….it’s your turn.  What are you reading?  And why are you reading it?

To be continued…


  • mrsdavisdavis

    I just finished Ms. Understood and LOVED it…I cant get enough of Jen Hatmaker! I am currently reading Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko mostly because I really like his sermons and want to read about the journey the Lord took him on when he lost his little daughter.
    Oh and I totally love that you mentioned the Hunger Games!! I cant get enough of those books! I think I may just start the whole series again tonight! SO good!

  • drsarabenderara

    I’m a psychology professor. With that, students hand me books to read all of the time proclaiming that this book or that changed their life and that I’ll love it forever. I’m reading Still Alice (again) because I find the story to be beautiful. The Rosie Effect is on my nightstand too — mostly for comical effect.

    • Lynne Lorentsen

      I have not read Still Alice, but I think it’s one of those books I will find the right moment to open. Worth it? Looks like it will rip my heart out, so I’m hesitant. Let me tell you, when I read Looking For Alaska (John Green) I was ruined. I mean, it was such a great book (I thought) but such a train wreck of a story. I have to pace myself. Thanks for weighing in!

  • Rachel

    Some wonderfully worded sentences Lynne . I love words and books therefore. John pipers book is on my list to read.
    I’m reading Emily Freeman Simply Tuesday . I understand I should read more fiction so looking into this with a book from the library : Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel . This year on a daily basis I read Savor by Shauna am loving the psychology wrapped in the meaning of this daily .

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