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#31daysoffrailty | HOLDING HANDS

Lauren and Ryan, sparkler sendoff.

We have had the lovely experience of being at two weddings recently and watching that electric moment, flashes popping and hands clasped on hearts, when two become one.  And the happy pairs have each been deliriously happy!  One new bride actually bounced in place, literally jumping for joy, just waiting for the words to be spoken.  Finally!  Husband and wife. Let the marriage begin. I love that moment so much because it is as if two tender hearts go from a childlike romance into grownup love in a transformative second.  Now your mine and I am yours.  It’s legit.  Because they’ve waited so long, it’s finally time for the new life, one life, to start.

Planning a wedding is hard work!   And all the decision making has wearied them of gauzy Pinteresty-love and trained them for the real deal.  Like a gardener plots the paths and the patches where flower beds will grow, prepares the ground, he sets up every seed for success, but it’s still nighttime.  And the night-time just goes on and on forever!  Until one day the sun shines and seeds tear up the ground in search of it, breaking forth into flowers – the promise of fruit. The earth is sings.

We always hold hands at weddings.  We actually hold hands a lot.  There are so many things that holding his hand is saying, and he knows that language by heart. At weddings, though, we can be holding hands and saying in our thoughts, “I know, this is not our wedding, it’s not even a very good day for us, but oh I do love you.  That hand of yours is mine.  So bring it over here.” There have been weddings when we didn’t sit close.  When I folded my arms.  But not very many – it’s just not us. Weddings are a great reason if we need one to bridge the divide.  Sacred things happen.  We are witnessing a miracle – two have become one.  No matter who is getting hitched, I find that my husband and I experience weddings by celebrating this special couple in our lives, their stories and their love, but at some point in that wedding, we are thinking of us.

So, here’s to the couples we love and wish well tonight, (clink-clink, kiss kiss) let their love grow long and strong once the party is over.  And here’s to us, him and me.  We are not the same person but we are one, and it still is a miracle. May we always hold hands and know exactly what we mean.

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