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#31daysoffrailty | PEN FETISH

I am a pen person.  This jar of writing utensils has relatives all over my life.  In my purse, thereIMG_6256 may be as many pens as there are lipsticks.  When we go to Target for any reason, I find myself looking at pens before we finish.  Its one area of play in my creative world where I am not afraid to explore.  You never know when you’re your to meet the love of your life, the pen of your dreams.  As a person who writes for my own soul’s sustenance, pens are tools, toys, and a good pen can make or break a creative project for me.  You pen aficionados are already nodding.  Oh, yes, you’re saying.  Truth!

We pen-lovers, we know one another pretty early on – I can identify my people.  This week I was sitting with a new colleague and she absent-mindedly stole my pen (not my people), not having any within her reach, and began to work with it to teach me what I was there to learn.  And I never got it back. It was a Pilot Precise V7, black.  I was very aware that it was over there in her hand, and I willingly sacrificed it.  In fact you can always take my pens and keep them.  None are particularly costly (perhaps the Staedtler Triples Fineliner, I would grip more tightly). I think this may be one of the reasons i am here – to share my great pen taste with the world.

I think we must own our quirky weirdness, don’t you?  Idiosyncrasies make us all so interesting.  I’ve got a million of them.  Gosh, the making of the bed is a very strange compulsion for me.  I made my husband get out of bed so I could make it before we got in the other night, for realz.  And as I did that, I felt a little bad for him, but he knows how I am.  He’s the one who climbed in an unmade mess; he had it coming.

I’m not saying we should be inflexibly odd – it would really hurt community if everyone constantly asserted their quirky weirdness as lawful behavior.  One of my favorite scenes from Runaway Bride  was when Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) and her best friend Peggy Fleming (not the ice skater) (Joan Cusack) tackle the subject of hurt feelings caused by Maggie’s showy but harmless flirtation with her husband at a baseball game.  Peggy couches her criticism, as best friends do, in sweeping generalities. On the subject of mystery, Peggy, whose every line in this movie is exquisite, explains:

Peggy: NO, I’m weird. Weird and mysterious are two very different things.

Maggie: I’m weird.

Peggy: No, you’re quirky.  Quirky and weird are two very different things.

Maggie: Peggy, I think there’s a distinct possibility that I am profoundly and irreversibly screwed up.

Incidentally, why are there no youtube videos of this scene?  Am I the only one who can almost quote it verbatim?

So, *spoiler alert*, we are all profoundly and irreversibly screwed up.  I don’t know what decade it was when I started to make peace with it.  Perhaps I’ve arrived because I have a whole room of tall book piles, pen stuffed mugs, bins of stamping supplies, and a yarn stash that, if knit into sweaters, would clothe a village.  And I don’t even camouflage it anymore.  I am unchained. My sun room, where all my best thoughts and prayers happen, is a living monument to profoundly irreversible screwedupness and I am fine with it.

Some read, some unread, and some just for color.
Some read, some unread, and some just because the cover was cool.

I am known by the One who made me,  the One who made all things.  Every ravishing and seemingly twisted person, animal, and bug.  I learned yesterday that there is a protected park in South Africa that special because of its Dung Beetles which are endangered.  If even African Dung Beetles have a special status in this world, I sure do, and so do you.  You and the little things that make you YOU are far more perfect to the world than you know.  They are just what we need to feel at home in your presence.

And by the way, Jesus was also super weird about a lot of things.  Just saying.

Behind the scenes: I know that it is sometimes hard to post a comment here and I am working on the problem!  I had an invasion a few days ago of hackers (3,000+) trying to do what ever it is that they want to do, and I had to shut down some functionality of the blog to make them leave.  I also built up my arsenal of plugins against such threats.  Live and learn: do not use internet photos even if they are free!  I’ll be sticking to my mediocre photos for a while.  Please don’t stop trying to comment, lovely reader.  I am really longing to know what you’re looking for while you visit here.

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