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Wild horse that wouldn't take my apple but probably went for it after I left.
The wild horse that wouldn’t take my apple but probably went for it after I left. Grand Tetons in Wyoming

My husband and I just returned from drinking in the timeless beauty of Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, getting our hearts refreshed, and enjoying a heaping helping of old fashioned REST, which I had forgotten how to do in the season which just came to a close for me.  Rest is awkward isn’t it?  And let me just say, I am dreaming of my bed right now quite earnestly after flying back to NH from Salt Lake City and going directly to a Rend Collective concert

Rend Collective at Manchester Christian Church tonight.
Rend Collective at Manchester Christian Church tonight.

(O, my heart is still pumping with joy)- I think I’ve been up for 19 hours.  So, the idea of rest (in terms of sleep) is not hard to explain to my body.  But my soul still longs for rest.

So many times I think I am resting when I take time off from work, enjoy a holiday, or when I am serving people lavishly, generously, instead of working to achieve their approval.  But even when I am “resting” (think that I am resting) I have recently found myself unrefreshed.  This for me is a sure sign I have not retreated from working in my heart even during my leisure.  My soul seems to keep moving like a merry-go-round with the inertia of work even when all the signals are present that normally tell my brain to be still.

I love how the Psalmists talk to their own souls about comfort and praise and rest.  This is one thing I do when I am at a loss for words; run to the lyrics that are better than any collection of man’s ideas about God, about hope, about rest.  In HIS words there is life not just because they are true and Self revealing, but because they are alive.

Return, O my soul, to your rest; for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you. Psalm 116:7

Tonight I am speaking rest to my soul with the words of the Word.  I hope you are too.  From what do you need to find rest?  Where have you been looking for it? I’d love to know.

Grand Tetons at sunset
Grand Tetons at sunset

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