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Sorry, Lord, I can't hear you. Can you speak any louder?
New job, Day 1: passed Jesus in the lobby. Sorry, Lord, I can’t hear you. Can you speak any louder?

There is plenty of frailty to go around, I am finding.  I am definitely not the only one who is having the awkward moments just because I’m out here blogging as an adventure, straddling the old and the new  as the gap gets wider, nearing the full-on split.  Today I started a new chapter.  I turned a crisp fresh page and started a new job.  It’s all “WOW!” and “YIKES!”, right? Talk about frailty!

So here’s the question I want to ask today as part of my #31daysoffrailty challenge, and I hope you can help me.  It’s deep.  Get out the snorkel. Where do we stand on socks matching?  Don’t tell me you’ve never asked.

In my defense, it was a crazy morning. Picture this was your first day at a new job and you were running out of time to get yourself into the car so as to be politely early arriving.  Then picture that your chosen outfit has ankles exposed but it’s a bit chillier that you thought.  Hello, October.  Oh, no, it’s the sock conundrum. Do you wear the socks that match each other and don’t match the outfit, or the two grey ones that don’t clash but don’t match each other? Tick, tick, tick….choose. Your day lies in the balance.

Here’s the thing; there are some times in life when we just fight a losing battle in order to wrangle control over some thing only to wake up and notice we won the rubber chicken.

Really, who cares what I wore on my feet today?  There are no sock-police.  I didn’t ruin anyone’s day with the choice I made.  Not that one, anyway.  But I did make another very wrong choice.  There are socks that match vs. matching socks and then there’s right vs. righteous.  On that front, today, I lost.  I hurt a friend with a snipey text. Hit send too soon.  And after that, guess what had zero significance?  My socks. Which I spent more time worrying about this morning than I did about a person I love.  I settled for right when I could have had righteous.

So go.  And don’t do likewise.  And regarding what socks I wore, in case you still want to know – it truly never mattered.

New International Version
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8

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