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a year in seconds ?, take one!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I have been thinking of you, reader.   What was your year like?  I’ll go first.

I am working on a little something for you but while that’s brewing, I thought you might enjoy a super-fast-look at a year in my life.   SPOILER: if you hung out with me this year …you may be in this post or the following video!  Yup.  #sorrynotsorry.  First, here is a collage of what Instagram followers of @lynnelor liked a lot in 2017.  Thanks, guys!


I also tried something new –  I made a video with the #1secondeveryday app — 5 minute snatch of how I spent 2017.  Have you ever done anything like this?  I’d love to know.

Elise Cripe (@elisejoy and Get To Work Book) introduced me to this documentation tool, and she writes about it again with her own 2017 video over here.  Her explanation of it is marvelous.  Thanks, Elise!

Some highlights from MY 2017 that you’ll see in the clips:

Enjoy! Just hit the vimeo link below to watch my little 2017 recap, and here’s a link to the app, if you want to try it yourself starting tomorrow!  It isn’t free but it is cheap!  What do you think?  Shall I do another video in 2018??????? Jury’s still out.

Thank you, friends, old and new, for making 2017 (with it’s ups and downs) a lot sweeter by showing up on your screens with me.  If there is one big thing I learned this year, it’s this.

Living wide open and showing your work is the only way to be a light bearer who can be trusted in the dark.


  • Cindy

    Hey my darling girl. THAT was really fun to look at!! You are such a good writer AND photographer!! And a beauty to boot! Love you mucho!

  • Krystina

    Yes!! This video is TOO GOOD! As Glennon would say, this life is brutiful. ❤️ Thank you for sharing, Lynne! Also – the clip where Meredith Grey is standing with the wind in her hair, in your living room, for all enjoyment, just has me cracking straight up!!! Your life is gold. And you’re cute and hilarious. Hugs!!

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