where i begin


  • I grew up looking at this faded New England barn through the leaves of a great apple tree that dominated my back yard, and it has come to symbolize the hands I grew up holding.
  • I love bullet points.
  • I need ocean and words that feel real.  All my life I’ve been a maker, and for 29 years of it, a wife to David, who also cooks for me pretty much nightly.  #SpoiledWife
  • My greatest joy is that I get to be the mother of two incredible 20-something young women.
  • Vocationally, I serve an amazing nonprofit organization, and when I grow up, I want to be as sure-footed and free as my daughters.
  • And Jesus is the love of my life.

I feel like you and I have just a pinhole view of this massive gorgeous story we are engulfed in, but we do have front row seats on our own stories.  I love how God shows up and breathes into us his life and his view… and suddenly he’s changed the subject. It’s what I talk to myself about constantly, so, in my writing, I’m inviting more people to the conversation.

If something I share here feels familiar, it might be that the God I speak of has shown himself to you too.  In your suffering or in your mild normal life.  He is breaking in all over the place.

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Works for me.

OH, and I also love generous people!

I’ll give credit every chance I get to every wonderful project, opinion, recipe, book, blog, or product that I mention on the blog. If I ever forget to do so, politely remind me, because if I have overlooked your brilliance, I would feel terrible about it.

And on that topic, Elyse Messick of PhotosFromElyse.com is the photographer who created many of the images on my main pages. With her skill and her kind friendship, I am amazed and enchanted.

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