I’m also over here

Check it out! I’m guest posting over at ForEveryMom.com! Yay!

Thanks, ForEveryMom.com,

for sharing my post, hold hands and squeeze (renamed “Dear Future Me”) on your blog and for the encouragement you offer all of us every day.  And, thank you, Mary Carver (of givinguponperfect.com) for recommending my work; I so appreciate it!


You can see “Dear Future Me” over at ForEveryMom.com today, and while you’re there, check out all their awesomeness.

Thanks for the love!


Me and Maggie at Declare Conference, 2016

Thank you to pieces,

Maggie Sifuentes of OnceShy.com

for adding my post, Bid Me, Hem Me, Hush Me, Hear Me to your Story Pile on your site!

Your friendship is dear to me.

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