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IMG_9180Part of learning for me has always been chronicling

and I’m a feverish note taker.  As I have worked on valuable content for this blog, it occurred to me that sometimes you may want to remember a verse that is linked, or make a note of the response that you had to it.

If you’re like me, you may have found yourself reading something on your phone that you wish you could highlight and save, but it’s not that easy!

Sometimes I just don’t know where to keep my responses so that I can remember a verse or passage of scripture that I loved.    Do you write in the margins of books too?  I would never do that. (Yes, of course I do that.)

I don’t know if you’ve tried this yet, but,

YouVersion, the Bible app, has a way for us to leave a note on a verse.  If you have YouVersion and you stay logged in to your personal account, you can highlight passages and write notes which are saved in your account for you.  Fun times!

Beginning July 1, 2016, all the Bible verses I link will link you to the YouVersion verse. This is mainly for those of you who read the blog on your phones.  It’s a bit clunky on a laptop unless you have your YouVersion account open in another tab on your computer. But if you’re on the go, this feature is super fast on a cellphone.

Tips on how to make a note for yourself in YouVersion and save your thoughts to your own account:

YouVersion verse screenshot of Psalm 118
YouVersion verse screenshot of Psalm 118
  1. If you read this blog on your phone, and you have the YouVersion Bible app, tapping a verse that is highlighted will take you right to your app where you can make your own note for yourself.
  2. Highlight the verse when you see it in your app, and you’ll see the side icons appear that give you options.
  3. Pick the brown dot with the icon of a sheet of paper.  Create your note on the verse and decide whether it will be private, for friends you’re connected to, or for anyone who ever looks up notes on that verse.
  4. Viola!  You’ve saved your thoughts in a place where you can find them easily in the future.  Good for you!  I’m impressed.

There’s a better explanation of this here. Try looking up Psalm 118 here.

FYI, verses linked in older posts will continue take you to a variety of  online Bible resources like BibleGatewayBibleStudyTools, or


I hope this helps you chronicle your own ideas and aha moments from God while you’re here reading some of mine 🙂


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