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What’s your favorite lazy genius move?

There are people who work hard for slow gain and engineer stable lives that bear fruit in every season. We want what they’ve got.

There are people who prepare masterfully and execute the exciting plans they plot. They inspire us.

And then there are people who spontaneously deliver right off the cuff and make every genius move look easy. We hate those people.

Just kidding. We secretly think they know things we don’t.

Which is probably true.

I love trade secret shortcuts that make life simpler so we can focus on the things that are really important –  ‘life hacks’ that are easy ways to do long hard jobs, which win pockets of time back from arduous tasks.

Every generation has their Martha Stewart, the one who is the most creative, charming, funny and successful.  Today we call her a Bossmom or a Mompreneur.  Meet Kendra Adachi.  She’s a lazy genius.

Be a genius about the things that matter
and lazy about the things that don’t. –TheLazyGeniusCollective.com

Love her!  She has got it going on and is showing us how to fashion our own Fabulous by finding the best way and keeping it handy.  I wonder what Kendra would do with an extra hour in her day?

According to Lisa Belkin’s Huffington Post article from August 2016, people were asked what they would do with that infamous extra hour we all seem to long for.  Those surveyed felt that if you have energy, engagement and time, you have it all.  Check it out.

Are you surprised at those numbers? What I expected was that if we all had an extra hour a day, most of us would say we’d be more productive.  Isn’t that when we most often beg for that hour – when we have way too much to get done? I guess not!

As my personal lazy genius hack (and to give you a break from some of these hard questions!) I’ve asked some friends to help write this post by sharing some of their favorite shortcuts.  But don’t be fooled; these girls are all actual geniuses at life – nothing lazy about that.

Some Lazy Genius Moves from my friends

  • This is a pastors’ wife move: a mental collection of simply (5 or less ingredients), brilliant and delicious recipes that I can pull off at a moment’s notice. Always keep the ingredients stocked so you can whip up goodies and impress your guests with some homemade love. These are usually top-secret recipes that are only passed from PW to PW. 😉
  • I see something I like and instead of just buying it I go home and say, I can make that.  Sometimes it costs more, but the the joy of the craft is time well spent , too.
  • I value nice work and love to support good businesses. So, because of that, I LOVE facials, and getting my toes done!! I also love good, truly authentic (real ingredients) baked goods.   Oh and did I mention coffee?!  I love to savor a well made cup with a friend (handcrafted by a professional).
  • I have my grocery list on an excel spreadsheet that lists the items I typically buy in order by aisle. I print up 10 sheets of the list and have them magneted to my fridge so I can highlight items we need throughout the week. When it is time to shop, I just grab that sheet, and go.  Now that I have a smart phone I have it on a Google Sheet file.
  • Great apps that save time are AnyList,  Evernote, and anything that has an interface with a website so that I can update my lists from work.  First5 is another app that helps me quickly access high quality thoughts from the Bible straight from my phone in the morning.  I love to read it in bed after I hit the snooze button!
  • My favorite hot and healthy breakfast: Single serve baked oatmeal with fruit (which cooks while I’m in the shower, dressing and blow-drying).  1/2 c. oats, 1/2 c. almond milk, a dash of cardamom, 1/2 tsp maple syrup, 1/2 c fresh fruit. Bake for 30 min at 350 degrees.  Serve with a dollop of vanilla low fat greek yogurt or a splash more of almond milk, if you have time.  The quick variations are endless.

No matter how you slice it, making our time work for us takes some advance planning, but a brilliant routine can save me at least an hour a day.  Which, knowing me, I would probably spend writing 😉

What’s your favorite lazy genius move?  Share it in the comments!


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My favorite hot healthy breakfast. Yum.


  • michell lemen

    I have a laundry basket for each room. When folding laundry right out of the dryer it goes into the basket for the person, or room, to which it belongs. Then each one can grab their basket and it’s out of my sight. Also I use the basket idea when I clean, put them all in the kitchen and load each basket with clutter from the kitchen for that room and then move them with me through the house and when I’m done have a basket to put away in each room, saves running back and forth and getting sidetracked (I tend to do that, “Oh I haven’t seen this picture album in ages, etc. etc. )

  • Kris M.

    Did I miss it? Did you share one of yours? I think not, so I throw it back to you, friend — What’s your favorite lazy genius move? 🙂

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