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awkward nearness and the kindness of light

The light has been a kind teacher in these early days of reassigning HOME.  God uses it to ease my tension the way a shoulder rub extracts a full sigh.   And I have needed that – because I did not get this grand saturating sense of relief out of listening to perfectly beautiful words from our friends or from having prayers answered.  You’re not shocked, are you?  I mean, when does peace arrive on schedule?

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he saves them all

Today I doubted that God was for me. My body felt my thoughts and refused to rally. Maybe you heard.  We had a house fire. This is not going to be one of those times where I say things from my life that you can feel in your life, unless you recently had your wardrobe… Continue reading he saves them all

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a year in seconds 🎬, take one!

Because I love you, here’s my #bestnine2017 and a video of #1secondeveryday for 2017!  If there is one big thing I learned this year, it’s this:

Living wide open and showing your work is the only way to be a light bearer who can be trusted in the dark.