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keep moving in the general direction of water or what it’s like when you’re THISCLOSE to healed

Naaman does not know what it’s going to take to be rid of this leprosy, but he knows how to point himself in the right direction.  That is what faith looks like on a human.

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Ready for some truth?

HONEST has been an important word for me this year. Do you have words like that? Words that pop up inside you and echo outside you until you feel like God has tipped up your chin and told you to listen?

When this happens to me, I notice that I’m onto something. I may need to walk around in honest for a while until I understand why, but here’s what I’ve got so far. The person I am most likely to be dishonest with is me.

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3 fictional characters that describe you: GO

Have you created a photo collage on your social media of the 3 Fictional Characters that best describe you yet?    Who reminds you of you?

Whether or not you choose to join in, asking a friend what their 3 Fictional Characters are is really just a great conversation waiting to happen. Continue reading “3 fictional characters that describe you: GO”

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So, how did it end?

This usually comes up when a corner of a pivot story sticks out and trips you. On some level you already know that the two of you are arranging the furniture around it. There’s a piece of your history or hers that you skinny by strategically. You don’t want to be the one to expose that you have this in your past, or she thinks you’ll judge her.

As with a facedown cake, you can make certain assumptions. But unlike a facedown cake, there are witnesses. Ask for the story.

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going through my garbage

I don’t know how to feel about this, but there’s someone out front picking through my garbage. I’m not taking a picture because you already know what he looks like. But maybe you don’t.

“God always seeks out where the suffering is, and that’s where Jesus stays.” -Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way.