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What’s the gift you’ve loved best to give?

I learned when I asked a few of my friends about the kinds of gifts they love best to give, that these people are more amazing than I even thought, that I have excellent taste in friends, and that I am an impoverished giver…but I have some great teachers.

#cultivatecourageous · #write31days · Goodness · relationships

What’s your favorite lazy genius move?

Every generation has their Martha Stewart, the one who is the most creative, charming, funny and successful, and today we call her a Bossmom or a Mompreneur. Meet Kendra Adachi. She’s a lazy genius.

Be a genius about the things that matter
and lazy about the things that don’t. -TheLazyGeniusCollective.com

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How long has it been?

  What happens when girls who have known each other through wayward children, job changes, ludicrous mistakes, relocations, and almost born grand-babies come together around brunch as an excuse just to laugh in the presence of love, eggs, Jesus, and lipstick? We mend our souls and conquer the world.

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Can you be happy for me?

Psst. I’m happy. Is that alright with you?

I’ve had friends before who preferred me during my most anxious days because it gave them a chance to wear their big red cape. But I don’t want to have to manage my high’s and lows for other people. It’s hard enough just living through them.

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Do you have chocolate?

There are some things about which I am only an inch deep.  I know this may come as a shock. You don’t have to be a chocoholic to enjoy my company.  Some of my favorite people must avoid dairy, and we soldier on.   At some point in our friendship, you just have to know… Continue reading Do you have chocolate?