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What about this is making you cry?

Everyone cries at weddings, births, head trauma, and the Gilmore Girls reunion trailer. Universal cry-fests. ? It’s more odd NOT to cry at a hard goodbye or a high school graduation. But what of the tears that pop out unexpectedly when we are minding our own business? Emotions that seem to move on us in stealth mode?

What’s going on there? Often its something that is yet unacknowledged, that matters more than we thought. An emotional reaction demanding a seat at the table.

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What do you want me to say?

“Help me help you. Help ME – help YOU!”

We are both in a bind. I need relief. You want to give some. But both of us have no answers and, I’m sorry, but I am greatly disadvantaged at the moment.

I just can’t help you. You’re on your own. But wait ….

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3 fictional characters that describe you: GO

Have you created a photo collage on your social media of the 3 Fictional Characters that best describe you yet?    Who reminds you of you?

Whether or not you choose to join in, asking a friend what their 3 Fictional Characters are is really just a great conversation waiting to happen. Continue reading “3 fictional characters that describe you: GO”

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What are you reading?

Asking a friend what they are reading can be a great way to understand the season she is in, because books come in an out of our hands like wave-worn stones. The books you read become your book-self, that grand imagination-sized world that your mind travels to on words.