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summer☀️school for the soul

There will be days, this summer, after all that sand and sun, when you might just crave a little soul-deep soak in lessons that someone else has already learned the hard way.  

One small shortcut to wise, please, hold the jimmies.  Can’t it just be that simple?

I’ve got you.

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small is the new centered

“Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could” as Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music (oh my heart, go watch it), and middle seasons are more about designing than producing. Does this sound familiar, is this your season too?

Small is the new centered here in this seeding season.

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Wait. You don’t believe that, do you?

I have a friend whose husband makes her feel small. Insignificance threatens to rear up on her and it makes her wonder if she’s got what it takes. It burns me to a crisp. I just won’t stand for it.
I’m kind an attack dog about self-shaming probably because I fight those voices every day, so if I hear them coming out of your mouth too, I get emboldened and I’m liable to smack you with my copy of Daring Greatly if you don’t knock it off.

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May I appreciate you?

I know a man who takes effusive joy in his appreciation. His full on enthusiasm about LIFE dips everything he does in conviction. He takes ordinary goodness and sticks a firecracker in it, then he stands back, hands clasped, to see what will happen.
And a mutual friend of ours told me this week that one of his favorite things to do is appreciate people. I was not one bit surprised.