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What are you doing with me, though?

When I stick my insecurities in the middle of our friendship, I just torture us both. Most of us don’t need to be reminded that we are not all that and a bag of chips. But insecurity makes us feel like we never can be, no one should ever mistake us for, and please stop looking at me as if….

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May I appreciate you?

I know a man who takes effusive joy in his appreciation. His full on enthusiasm about LIFE dips everything he does in conviction. He takes ordinary goodness and sticks a firecracker in it, then he stands back, hands clasped, to see what will happen.
And a mutual friend of ours told me this week that one of his favorite things to do is appreciate people. I was not one bit surprised.

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smack me in the face goodness

You should know I resist stretched smiles as a salve for struggle, in fact my inner snark-alarm sounds when people say, ‘everything’s gonna be alright’ because deep down I believe in goodness that needs no hand-up from Hallmark. Goodness is sacred, so do not force-feed me fake goodness. Because I have known so much goodness, I have little patience for the make-believe.

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when we don’t know what we’re missing

It turns out there are things he wants us to know. Now that I can see (with the eyes of my heart open) that he is particularly interested in telling me some of those things as soon as I ask, I am less apt to rush my Amen.

Why would I do that – skip ahead to put a period where God invites a “…” ? Let me count the reasons.