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20 questions you may want to ask before you give up social media (for Lent)

DISCLAIMER: This post is not everything you ever wanted to know about Lent. It’s a little about Lent and a lot about what I wish I knew before I pulled the plug on social media. Bonus: the list is printable!

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smack me in the face goodness

You should know I resist stretched smiles as a salve for struggle, in fact my inner snark-alarm sounds when people say, ‘everything’s gonna be alright’ because deep down I believe in goodness that needs no hand-up from Hallmark. Goodness is sacred, so do not force-feed me fake goodness. Because I have known so much goodness, I have little patience for the make-believe.

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Depending on your screen, that confection is larger than actual size. It was meaningful.
Let’s just say I’m chocolate-reliant. But pure sugar has a downside. It keeps you. It reigns. Then it FAILS because it was never made to deliver.