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what’s mine to do

Candidly, this year I lost and found (and lost and found) my way so many times that my journals look like darling art projects, smeared with rough drafts of schedules. By October, when the dust settled,  I came to terms with what’s mine to do, and God used a very unexpected truth to glide me back on course.  He began by asking me a question.

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Have I offended you?

Listen, I hate conflict. H a t e it.
And this is what I have learned about long strong friendships; they are forged and imbued with a confident core when we dare to be prepared to apologize.
Because that is what this question, “Have I offended you?” will trigger.

It presupposes I may very well have wronged you. Blindly or selfishly. That is totally possible. It’s foolish to imagine that it isn’t, and I want to know if I did so I can apologize.

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thirsty roots and fig stranglers

Thirsty basil.

We love basil, we buy it in bouquets.  I love to bury my face in it.  It takes a lot of basil to make pesto for our crew, so when David picks some up, he comes home with at least 10 bunches – in fact our local farm stand always gives him extra for free.   They see him coming and they head for the walk-in.

A few weeks ago, I took a few little unloved branches off the counter, and before they could turn (which happens fast with basil), I dropped them in an old glass milk bottle I use for flowers, and filled it up with water.  It’s been growing wild roots on my window sill.

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#31daysof frailty | PERFECTIONISM

PERFECTIONISM seems like a disorder when you see it in all caps.  And in so many ways, it is as damaging as one.  It starts small and grows like tumors.  And some tumors when they happen in the brain manifest as personality functions.  No really, it’s true.  But I did learn that by watching Grey’s… Continue reading #31daysof frailty | PERFECTIONISM