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31 days of topics that make me squirm
31 days of topics that make me squirm – filed under Personal Endeavors at write31days.com

When I chose this topic, frailty, as the thing I would write about every day for the month of October, along with all the beautifully diverse bloggers of #write31days (YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME), I differentiated frailty from vulnerability in my mind.  Vulnerability, as defined by Brene Brown, is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.  Frailty, to me, is the sense of being fragile vs. comfortable showing vulnerability.  I made the topic choice quickly and it got me excited because there are lots of things in life that make me squirm.  I know that more often than not, engaging with my sense of frailty has awakened a stronger me, and in this season of my life, I need strength more than I need shelter.

For the last week of #31daysoffrailty , I’ll be giving a peek into what I’ve learned from this challenge by listing a few short lessons each day.  And for fun, each lesson starts with “P”!   In writing on the things I’ve learned from writing daily about frailty, I am going against my husband’s advice and taking a risk that some of you will find this interesting.  So, Dave, you can take a break from reading this week. Woo hoo!  xoxoX!

  1. I gave myself permission for the sake of consistently writing to put out less than perfect work.  It was hard!  I told my husband, “I know the posts that weren’t really good, believe me!”  He was kindly silent because he is a really smart guy. 🙂 Putting up words that have not been polished within an inch of existence is part of celebrating frailty.
  2. Peeling back the layers to make a point is sometimes gratuitous violence we do to ourselves. I decided that I had permission to not air gory details of lessons I am still in the middle of learning.  Christine Cain says “You can only lead people as far as you’re willing to go”.  So, perhaps you will find me trustworthy; I have not shared what I have not learned the hard way, and in so doing, I have shown myself mercy.  We’re all better off.  You’re welcome.

I’m so curious about you guys, though. Are you learning things about frailty in yourself that you are able to sit across from, show love for, and blow kisses to?  Because of something you read here?  I hope so.  Please share that below, if it helps.  Thanks for being here.

P.S. If there is a random post this week that is not THE LIST in the next few days, you will know I had a very long day, and I threw in the spare that is sitting in drafts.  You can pray for me that day.  Cool.

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