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How do you keep from losing your balance?

I can hardly remember a time when my Dad was not “up with the birds”.  He always told me he did his best thinking in the morning, and early on I discovered we have this in common.  Come sunset, I’m nearly useless, but give me a Bible, a journal, and a pen at 5am, and I’ll give you a day with amazing potential.

Dad with my niece, Amy. There always was a lot of blond happening in my family.
Dad with my niece, Amy. There always was a lot of blond happening in my family.

When I was a new Momma, waking up first became quite a challenge.  Back then we lived in a tiny New Englander with creaky wide pine stairs that were painted barn red.  As Emily caught her last tidbits of slumber, I made it my job to drift noiselessly down them.

Snatching the morning before she got up was my one chance at retrieving my scattered wits.  So early each day, I plotted my path, studying each step for the soundless places that wouldn’t give me away.  I stepped always at the edges where the rise was its strongest, and by the time I was three steps from the first floor, when I got that far successfully, I was tasting the victory.

My prize: ten minutes of morning.

“Does it get any better than this?” I would think.

Until that most precious voice would pop the silence.

“Mummy,  I awake!”

And that was my answer.   No, it does not.  I win either way – because I couldn’t wait to see her face, either.  She was worth losing mornings for and giving mornings to.img_95cfd8563707-1

The habits that make our life feel strong and sound underneath our feet are the ones we have tweaked for their highest functionality and comfort – both ends are the same.  The rhythms that work get chiseled to fine features in a life that stays steady when the struggle is real.

Finding out how a friend keeps her balance is a great conversation for a road trip to a movie or a ride out for ice cream.   When things are bright and crisp as air.   Or after a crazy hard week, when the light at the end of the tunnel feels dim.

Because we always need reminding that there’s something we’re doing right.

Emily at 18 months.
Emily at 18 months.

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  • justplainbeth

    I’m a morning person as well, unlike my night owl husband. Also, I love your tattoo. You’ll have to tell me about that sometime. XOXO B

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