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how do you take it?

Now, about the way you like your coffee.  This is important.

But more important than coffee (what?) is the way you like your comfort.  Whether it’s black or half-caf non-fat & melt the sugar, please – you have your way, and it feels important to you.  That is what makes it so.

My friend Lori knows my coffee order.

We started our friendship in the deep end last year, I love what God is doing in her heart.  I’m on the edge of my seat every time we hang out because I want the next installment of the story he is writing with her life.  Once we were texting and she marveled at my jam-packed schedule.  We were both going to the same group that night, and she saw that I was trying to do too many things… an ongoing issue I have.

“Will you have time to grab your Starbucks?  What’s your order?”

When someone insists on taking a little care of you, receive it.  It’s more than coffee.  It’s shelter.

Recognizing details that transform plain people into one-of-a-kind friends is as simple as being aware of preferences.  Sometimes it’s these brush strokes of personality that we recall at the strangest moments.  But those are the times when you get to confirm that your friendship has had personal impact.  I was talking to a friend last week who I have not spoken to in a while, and as we broke the ice with fresh stories, we giggled the way you do.  That laugh that says, Oh it’s you – I know YOU.  We gift each other with belonging when we keep each other’s quirks handy.

Maybe you just haven’t had time to notice how she takes it, or whether it’s coffee or tea.   Does it mean something to you that you don’t remember?  Not at all, this is not an indictment.  Just so we’re clear, I don’t know all of my friends’ coffee orders either, but I do know the ones to whom it matters. In my case, from asking my friends this question I’ve learned a few beautiful truths; we are a unique crew, we don’t waffle, and I’m in good company.

Word to the wise; I’ve had this go question very wrong.  I botched the coffee order many times before I got it right with one of my dearest loves, – but I have a strong memory of those fails and that fuels my desire to show her I can learn her, and I want to.

On that one, I get the gold star for effort.  The goofy smile and the eye-roll.  But when I get it right, it’s crazy good.



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How do you take it?

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