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#write31days on lynnelorentsen.comThere is something amazing about the #write31days challenge.

Write or create content for 31 days straight on one topic in the month of October.  For other readers or for yourself.

People who write on blogs (who really likes the word blogger?) from all over the world take on this challenge, when we dare.  My first #write31days challenge was in 2015 and I’m about to go for it again this year for the 2016 challenge.  So, you can go ahead and start praying for me – no, I mean it 😉

My topic this year is: #CultivateCourageous: Questions That Grow Good Friendships Great

But if you are looking for my 2015 series for #write31day, or scroll down this page for all the posts in Frailty: Being With Imperfection from October 2015.

Please leave a comment on a post if you feel the urge 🙂 so I know I’m not the only one.

#write31days 2015

Frailty: Being With Imperfection

  1. #31daysoffrailty 
  2. Rest
  3. Tension
  4. My Father
  5. The Stage Lights Effect
  6. Socks
  7. Yarn
  8. Idols
  9. Pen Fetish
  10. Making
  11. Burdens
  12. Trust
  13. Balance
  14. Lipservice
  15. Books, Part 1
  16. Holding Hands
  17. Books, Part 2
  18. Paper
  19. Symbols
  20. Reality TV
  21. Enough
  22. Strays
  23. Time
  24. Permission
  25. Seasons
  26. Poured Out
  27. Perfectionism
  28. Props
  29. Pleasing
  30. Believe