2016 ~ 31 days of Questions That Grow Good Friendships Great | #CultivateCourageous

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Friendship is HARD! But, in a good way, right?

Who doesn’t love a sweet been-to-hell-and-back-and-bought-the-tee-shirt friend? Mine are a pure goldmine of treasures to me, but not one of them came easily. Friendship is not a stroke of good luck. My often steely, and sometimes soggy friends have me riveted to their side. Shallow sentiment and good intentions have their place, and it’s not sugared on top of real friendship. Save that crap for the movies, because it doesn’t function as love and it never will. One thing’s for sure: my favorite friendships were good long before they were great.

The great ones have been seasoned like a perfect baking stone with questions. In this series I’m writing for #write31days (a 31 day writing challenge, every October, every day), I’ll be telling you a few of my favorite ones. I hope you’ll join me for the adventure that I’m calling Cultivate Courageous: Questions That Grow Good Friendships Great.

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How to get the most bang for your buck

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Questions That Grow Good Friendships Great

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Because life is richer in courageous connection.


  1. #CultivateCourageous: Questions That Grow Good Friendships Great
  2. How did we get to be friends?
  3. Are you for real?
  4. Are you going to finish that?
  5. What do you need?
  6. May I appreciate you?
  7. How do you take it?
  8. So, how did it end?
  9. Do you have chocolate?
  10. Can we sit with the silence?
  11. What are you doing with me, though?
  12. You know I’m here for you, right?
  13. Is it ok that I’m not you?
  14. What are you reading?
  15. Can you be happy for me?
  16. Who are your people?
  17. Wait. You don’t believe that, do you?
  18. 3 fictional characters that describe you; GO
  19. Have I offended you?
  20. What’s making you say, “Oh don’t get me started”?
  21. How do you keep from losing your balance?
  22. How long has it been?
  23. What do you want me to say?
  24. What are you eating?
  25. What’s your favorite lazy genius move?
  26. How did you get so strong?
  27. What’s the gift you’ve loved best to give?
  28. Half empty or half full?
  29. Ready for some truth?
  30. What about this is making you cry?
  31. Final thoughts and one more question.