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summer☀️school for the soul

little free libraries are my favorite❤️

School’s out!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve got plans for these pastel painted days that stretch past bedtime, and technicolor dreams of ways to enjoy them.

Maybe you want to try new recipes on the grill, freeze your own smoothie-popsicles, peel fresh corn, go strawberry picking, or take day trips to fun places nearby.  It’s possible that your stack of dream-reads is flat-out begging you for a quiet afternoon on a blanket together.  Your summer to-do-list is calling to your inner child like the distant twang of the ice-cream truck.  Come out and play!

There will be days, though, after all that sand and sun, when you might just crave a little soul-deep soak in lessons that someone else has already learned the hard way.  

One small shortcut to wise, please, hold the jimmies.  Can’t it just be that simple?

I’ve got you.

To celebrate my 2 year blogiversary, the anniversary of when I started writing in public, I’ve rounded up some of the fast-acting soothers that a little sea-gull told me you’d love.  In case you missed them the first time around, the links are here for you, stupid-simple.  A tall glass of help with some of the hard things we all face is just a hammock and small screen away.  Scroll on, and take this opportunity to help yourself to a little Summer School for the Soul.

just a girl on a beach with a sign celebrating a blogiversary?☀️?⛱?

I packed you a picnic of words

I don’t know about you, but I feel better already.

Subscribe to the tribe in the top bar and come with me for year #3.  Here’s to many more hope filled days and nights, and to knowing that all our cries are heard, held, and healed.

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