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Wait. You don’t believe that, do you?

I have a friend whose husband makes her feel small. Insignificance threatens to rear up on her and it makes her wonder if she’s got what it takes. It burns me to a crisp. I just won’t stand for it.
I’m kind an attack dog about self-shaming probably because I fight those voices every day, so if I hear them coming out of your mouth too, I get emboldened and I’m liable to smack you with my copy of Daring Greatly if you don’t knock it off.

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#31daysoffrailty | PERMISSION

When I chose this topic, frailty, as the thing I would write about every day for the month of October, along with all the beautifully diverse bloggers of #write31days (YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME), I differentiated frailty from vulnerability in my mind.  Vulnerability, as defined by Brene Brown, is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.  Frailty, to me,… Continue reading #31daysoffrailty | PERMISSION