moments of truth

don’t let it go to your head

Raise your hand if you heard that phrase growing up ad nauseam.  Raise your other hand if your own inner voice says it to you when you have a moment – a shining moment when you actually didn’t flub it up and achieved five seconds of awesome.  Now, slap yourself with one of those hands,… Continue reading don’t let it go to your head

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Can you be happy for me?

Psst. I’m happy. Is that alright with you?

I’ve had friends before who preferred me during my most anxious days because it gave them a chance to wear their big red cape. But I don’t want to have to manage my high’s and lows for other people. It’s hard enough just living through them.

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fisher, joy, and secret sauce

Cats are joy-maestros.  They conduct their existence entirely for joy, and I think non cat-people are threatened by this.  Or they just hate them for being detached and untrustworthy, or they hate being cuddled at will.  I’ll wager that dogs might be just as joyful. Forgive me, dog lovers; I have one too and he… Continue reading fisher, joy, and secret sauce