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Final thoughts and one more question

  This month full of questions should have come with a warning label, don’t you think? ⚠️  Working with all of these catalytic friendship prompts is a lot like being handed a can of Coke and not knowing whether or not it’s been shaken.  It’s a bit of a risk. But you were undaunted.  You made it… Continue reading Final thoughts and one more question

Change · relationships

lump-in-throat and yucky-ucky change

Watching her walk away always gets to me.  Both of them – when they leave me there is always a longing that whispers, Be alright.   Stay longer. Are you warm enough?   Call me later? Love you.   I  offer polite silence when people tell me (as if I’m just a wee thing) that this… Continue reading lump-in-throat and yucky-ucky change

Change · moments of truth

fisher, joy, and secret sauce

Cats are joy-maestros.  They conduct their existence entirely for joy, and I think non cat-people are threatened by this.  Or they just hate them for being detached and untrustworthy, or they hate being cuddled at will.  I’ll wager that dogs might be just as joyful. Forgive me, dog lovers; I have one too and he… Continue reading fisher, joy, and secret sauce