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Have you ever taken a picture of something knowing that your photo will never do it justice?

You shrug on the inside, take the shot despite this, and tell yourself when you look at it next, it’ll be an inside joke. It will have rusted to something nowhere near as lovely as it was.

Yeah, this was the opposite of that.

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Ready for some truth?

HONEST has been an important word for me this year. Do you have words like that? Words that pop up inside you and echo outside you until you feel like God has tipped up your chin and told you to listen?

When this happens to me, I notice that I’m onto something. I may need to walk around in honest for a while until I understand why, but here’s what I’ve got so far. The person I am most likely to be dishonest with is me.

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Wait. You don’t believe that, do you?

I have a friend whose husband makes her feel small. Insignificance threatens to rear up on her and it makes her wonder if she’s got what it takes. It burns me to a crisp. I just won’t stand for it.
I’m kind an attack dog about self-shaming probably because I fight those voices every day, so if I hear them coming out of your mouth too, I get emboldened and I’m liable to smack you with my copy of Daring Greatly if you don’t knock it off.