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20 questions you may want to ask before you give up social media (for Lent)

DISCLAIMER: This post is not everything you ever wanted to know about Lent. It’s a little about Lent and a lot about what I wish I knew before I pulled the plug on social media. Bonus: the list is printable!

the Word

songs sung in dimly lit rooms

What kind of girl leverages her lifestyle for the sake of her family and forces an oath from reputable men? The kind who has seen the underbelly of her city, and slept with it. She wants real. She thinks she is seeing it and she wants to be sure. Can she believe the rumors of a God like this who defends his people and goes before them himself?

I’m with Rahab. I want to know. I’m standing so close I can see the finger she’s pointing to punctuate her words. Will they honor her with a promise? Will their God also reward the faith of a sinner?

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hold hands and squeeze

There are times when making a costly decision comes with a sense of moral high ground, consensus, or even honor. Other times, the only prize is the pristine peace that it’s over. And that is the gain, until other gains can be gathered. Sometimes we hold our own hands and squeeze.

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bid me, hem me, hush me, hear me

I find it incredibly beautiful when my eyes fall on a paragraph that has not been announced as a prayer, but is one, and I am scooped up into it. Maybe there’s italics or a paragraph indent, so it’s not totally out of the blue. Still. Ho ho hold the phone, my soul says, this is prayer.