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grist for the mill

grist for the mill

Getting our grist milled is not a passive act. The idea of our circumstances being like grist, though, feels super HOPEful to me. What I see as I look at my balled up fists these days is that they are not empty. I’ve got something to work with. My gristy life is my DIY project today.

#31daysoffrailty | BOOKS part 1

Thanks so much for checking out my blog today.  The idea that you are reading by choice along with me is kind of an introvert’s hallelujah.  What we read says a lot about us.  What I read can feel very personal sometimes, and other times it’s just […]

glory, John Piper, and my favorite birthday gift

Today I got asked about my wrist tattoo by the PT who had been working on my other hand for 30 minutes. It gave me butterflies to explain it, as if I’d been asked something very personal.  Then I remembered – it’s visible; this one […]