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#31daysoffrailty | PERMISSION

When I chose this topic, frailty, as the thing I would write about every day for the month of October, along with all the beautifully diverse bloggers of #write31days (YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME), I differentiated frailty from vulnerability in my mind.  Vulnerability, as defined by Brene Brown, is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.  Frailty, to me,… Continue reading #31daysoffrailty | PERMISSION

#31daysoffrailty · #write31days · Worth

#31daysoffrailty | STRAYS

I asked my friend – who lives far away and has been acquainting herself slowly with a new land and a foreign folk for the past few years – how she was doing recently.  Oh, the this and the that, it’s all going good.  Job’s about to get great.  Cooking up a storm.  Met a… Continue reading #31daysoffrailty | STRAYS

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bugs, noticing, and the pregnant phenomenon

Have you ever noticed that you’re keenly tuned in to the things in your world that mirror your own choices?  There is a common human experience of noticing what is important to us reflected in our worlds.  I’m sure there is a name for it, but I call it the Pregnant Phenomenon because that’s the… Continue reading bugs, noticing, and the pregnant phenomenon

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mercy, blindness, and the rug

I love dates.  This is one of those qualifiers that separate people into two categories: you’re either a Date Person or you are Not A Date Person.  I remember dates and mark anniversaries – oh, not in a lets-all-have-cake kind of way, but in a private heart treasuring kind of way.  I forget many other… Continue reading mercy, blindness, and the rug