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Have you ever taken a picture of something knowing that your photo will never do it justice?

You shrug on the inside, take the shot despite this, and tell yourself when you look at it next, it’ll be an inside joke. It will have rusted to something nowhere near as lovely as it was.

Yeah, this was the opposite of that.

moments of truth

don’t let it go to your head

Raise your hand if you heard that phrase growing up ad nauseam.  Raise your other hand if your own inner voice says it to you when you have a moment – a shining moment when you actually didn’t flub it up and achieved five seconds of awesome.  Now, slap yourself with one of those hands,… Continue reading don’t let it go to your head

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What’s the gift you’ve loved best to give?

I learned when I asked a few of my friends about the kinds of gifts they love best to give, that these people are more amazing than I even thought, that I have excellent taste in friends, and that I am an impoverished giver…but I have some great teachers.

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So, how did it end?

This usually comes up when a corner of a pivot story sticks out and trips you. On some level you already know that the two of you are arranging the furniture around it. There’s a piece of your history or hers that you skinny by strategically. You don’t want to be the one to expose that you have this in your past, or she thinks you’ll judge her.

As with a facedown cake, you can make certain assumptions. But unlike a facedown cake, there are witnesses. Ask for the story.