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capsules of comfort

You know you’re in deep when you hear a voice crack so you midwife each other’s coming to grips. Holy truth, when offered, is an inexplicable gift. When I left her I knew we’d made something outside of ourselves that it would take two to carry. And that we would not drop it.

I don’t want to miss them anymore, the moments that comfort us with an otherworldly comfort that equips us to live changed for the sake of every other person in our lives. And for our own sakes.

moments of truth · the Word

help yourself; the anthem

Have you ever taken a picture of something knowing that your photo will never do it justice?

You shrug on the inside, take the shot despite this, and tell yourself when you look at it next, it’ll be an inside joke. It will have rusted to something nowhere near as lovely as it was.

Yeah, this was the opposite of that.

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31 days of frailty | YARN

  I love how a great story is called a yarn.  Why?  Because, as knitters know, yarn takes you where it wants to go, just like the best stories. Today I got to watch a woman’s face as she listened to a story on the phone.  I couldn’t hear the other voice at all, but… Continue reading 31 days of frailty | YARN