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wrong again or blooms in the loo

My expectations are almost always inaccurate predictors of God’s brilliant goodness that’s constantly rushing my way. He’s always tripping my feet with his better roads, and I never stop being shocked by that. I hate to say I’m always wrong – I mean, who wants to admit that? But what I’m facing here is that when I measure the life I expect against the life God has to reveal himself in, I underestimate his intentions consistently.

OK, I’m saying it. I’m always wrong.

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thirsty roots and fig stranglers

Thirsty basil.

We love basil, we buy it in bouquets.  I love to bury my face in it.  It takes a lot of basil to make pesto for our crew, so when David picks some up, he comes home with at least 10 bunches – in fact our local farm stand always gives him extra for free.   They see him coming and they head for the walk-in.

A few weeks ago, I took a few little unloved branches off the counter, and before they could turn (which happens fast with basil), I dropped them in an old glass milk bottle I use for flowers, and filled it up with water.  It’s been growing wild roots on my window sill.

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#31daysoffrailty | SYMBOLS

I have this necklace that I found at a Christmas fair several years ago that seemed to symbolize a piece of me still reaching for childlike faith.  I was scraping bottom every time I dipped down into the well of my creativity to bring up another drink.  It was as if the well had sprung a… Continue reading #31daysoffrailty | SYMBOLS