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summer☀️school for the soul

There will be days, this summer, after all that sand and sun, when you might just crave a little soul-deep soak in lessons that someone else has already learned the hard way.  

One small shortcut to wise, please, hold the jimmies.  Can’t it just be that simple?

I’ve got you.

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What’s your favorite lazy genius move?

Every generation has their Martha Stewart, the one who is the most creative, charming, funny and successful, and today we call her a Bossmom or a Mompreneur. Meet Kendra Adachi. She’s a lazy genius.

Be a genius about the things that matter
and lazy about the things that don’t.

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How long has it been?

  What happens when girls who have known each other through wayward children, job changes, ludicrous mistakes, relocations, and almost born grand-babies come together around brunch as an excuse just to laugh in the presence of love, eggs, Jesus, and lipstick? We mend our souls and conquer the world.

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How do you keep from losing your balance?

The habits that make our life feel strong and sound underneath our feet are the ones we have tweaked for their highest functionality and comfort – both ends are the same.

The rhythms that work get chiseled to fine features in a life that stays steady when the struggle is real.

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Have I offended you?

Listen, I hate conflict. H a t e it.
And this is what I have learned about long strong friendships; they are forged and imbued with a confident core when we dare to be prepared to apologize.
Because that is what this question, “Have I offended you?” will trigger.

It presupposes I may very well have wronged you. Blindly or selfishly. That is totally possible. It’s foolish to imagine that it isn’t, and I want to know if I did so I can apologize.