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Are you going to finish that?

She had no plan and no boundaries, and she wasn’t embarrassed about either of those things, but she made a lasting first impression on me. Not because she declared she planned to steal my food, but because she declared herself as open, warm, and trustworthy.

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#CultivateCourageous | Questions That Grow Good Friendships Great

Want real friends? Spoiler alert: shallow sentiment and good intentions have their place, and it’s not sugared on top of real friendship. Save that crap for the movies, because it doesn’t function as love and it never will. One thing’s for sure: my favorite friendships were good long before they were great.

The great ones have been seasoned like a perfect baking stone with questions. In this series I’m writing for #write31days (a 31 day writing challenge, every October, every day), I’ll be telling you a few of my favorite ones. I hope you’ll join me for the adventure that I’m calling Cultivate Courageous: The Questions That Grow Good Friendships Great.