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I’m over the moon for this book that I’m reading.  If we hang out these days, you’ll see it tossed inside my purse or splayed out nearby, spine up and words down.  I keep telling everyone about Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin because the idea of habit renovation based upon personal tendencies has me captivated.  I’m quoting her toothsome truths like nobody’s business.

We’re always sharing what we love.


This week I ran late for a visit with my father and his girlfriend because I offered to bring lunch, and I wanted to get my favorite bread for us.  My new signature sandwich is honey ham, spinach, and brie with a fig balsamic drizzle on thinly sliced Dakota Wheat from the Great Harvest Bread Company.  I know, right?  I’ve had it 3 times in a week.

My special trip to get him a loaf was justified because I knew they’d also end up with a week’s worth of bread.  But between you and me, I just wanted to share with them something that I loved.

We’re always doing it, aren’t we?

We promote and we give out naturally and unapologetically what delights us.  Great gadgets, food, apps, articles, and recipes ooze out of us when we are intoxicated with something that works and delivers.  It makes us feel generous and gives us the joy of sharing our discoveries.  And – bonus – our sharing feels hand-delivered because our fingerprints are all over it.

“Sharing” has recently had a technological overhaul.  During my 21 day social media fast, I got a grip on the fact that the word share has acquired an add-on meaning.  What sharing used to mean: taking some of what I have and giving it to you to enjoy also.  What sharing means now, in addition to the above: taking some of what I have and giving it to the world on a social media platform.

Any photo I take on my phone when I’m in a group setting now has to be qualified and edited.  “Don’t share that!”, I get scolded, as if the only reason for taking any picture is to invite the world to grade it.  But I don’t always want to share what I love in that way.

Since I’ve been back to my regular use of online platforms (Instagram is still my fave) I have changed the way I share.  I’ve been pretty quiet online lately because I’m honestly weirded out by the habit trails I see in myself and others.  Maybe I’m on Gretchen-Rubin-overload, but it’s as if my flimsy blindfold fell off, and I see the glory and the inglorious in front of me and inside me.  I’m asking God to show me his unfiltered face now more than ever.  I just want real.

I’ve lost patience with trending influencers, so I’m staring my own habits down prayerfully and gently.  There is enough shame in the world.  My heart is a no shame zone because of Jesus.  This is all I really have to say today – can we gather around this tiny campfire for a second?

Candidly, I’m not always proud of what I love so sometimes what I love is not what I share.   Bottom line, I don’t share what I love when it reflects back upon me in ways that will stir poor judgements in you.

But if I only ever share what is first sponged clean of sinful smudges, then what I will give to the world will only ever be bleached goodness, with no living fingerprints.

So, for as long as it feels right to do, I’ll be laying thoughts here that are not perfect.  When my aim is off, you can compare it with your aim.  We can exchange a smile.

For me, sharing what I love is sharing the lessons that lift my countenance.

Feast at will.

In the Bible, one’s countenance is the look of her/him, in cheer or in despair.  What I love, what I think is cool or useful, strategic or captivating, is what I share, up close and on screen.  Whether in person over Ham and Brie sandwiches on the best bread I can find, or here, from my soul to yours, I hope that you feel the love – hand delivered – because there really is no better reason I have to feed you.

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