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31 days of frailty | topics that make me squirm
31 days of frailty | topics that make me squirm

Secretly, I love a challenge.  SECRETLY, meaning, it is not apparent to my people that I love challenges – to them, I am more of a toe-in-the-water-before-jumping-in kind of adventurer.  But really, if you knew I was a person who loved a challenge, you probably would challenge me at will, just for sport, and that is really far more of a dare than a challenge.  I don’t love dares. You know how this works.

All this to say…

I’m challenging myself (you see what I did there?) to write on a topic for 31 days along with an amazing tribe of bloggers who are all doing #write31days for the month of October.

My topic: Frailty. I’ll be writing about some of the the things I find hard to articulate well, that I often shy away from.  The tension of not having the right words normally holds me back, but for #write31days I hope to embrace my weakness, or frailty,:

I hope that some of you will jump in with comments, or email me if you can’t add a public comment at lynnelorentsen@gmail.com . I appreciate your courage.  I have lots on my mind these days, so I hope you’ll come along for the ride.  Let me know what you are challenging yourself to try this month!  Thanks for reading along.

P.S. There are many amazing bloggers doing #write31days this month and if you’d like to check out all the topics, please head over to 31 Days ! Thank you, Crystal Stiles, for hosting us from your blog!




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