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The Fifth Inspection Team of the Provincial Party Committee Arrived for Survey and Investigation
Time:2012/9/12 | Click:3909

The Fifth Inspection Team of the Provincial Party Committee 
Arrived for Survey and 

15:30 p.m. on March 27, 2012, the fifth inspection team of the Provincial Party Committee, headed by team leader Lin Guangyun and accompanied by Chen Shengguang , the chief accountant of Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd., arrived at GSHI for survey and investigation. Li Tong’an, chairman of our company, Chen Zhicheng, secretary of the Party committee, Ren Gang, Executive Deputy General Manager, Wu Yingming, Chief Operating Officer and Lin Congfei, Deputy General Manager attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the inspection team learned in details about the company’s current situation of production and operation, the company’s developmental positioning, product performance characteristics, domestic and international markets etc. After hearing the general presentation by Chairman Li Tong’an, the inspection team members discussed issues of concern with people in charge of GSHI, extensively inquired about the selection of management, building of working style, corporate culture, employee life etc., and cordially exchanged ideas with people one by one in GSHI management. Subsequently, the inspection team visited the production sites, and highly praised the rapid development of GSHI achieved in just a few years. Finally, the team leader Lin Guangyun, based on the current status of GSHI’s production and management, proposed pertinent advice and recommendations, hoping GSHI can overcome difficulties, go through hardship to realize the goal of “becoming the technologically advanced, well-managed, efficient, and world-renowned marine engineering enterprise”.

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